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Who We Are


Chaya Milikowsky

Chaya is an adult acute care nurse practitioner with years of critical care experience. She loves the outdoors and seeks opportunities for hiking, touring and appreciating Hashem's creations with her family and friends. She long dreamed of sharing this passion with others, and four years ago opened Yifei Nof Girls, a touring camp out West for frum high school girls. In light of the teen camp success, and after receiving frequent requests to provide something similar for frum women, she decided to branch out and offer attainable travel opportunities for her community of women.

Chaya lives with her husband and their 5 children in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Meghann Schwartz

Meghann is a Health & Business Coach who helps women create healthy habits, lose weight, and facilitate financial independence.

Meghann transformed the marketing, planning, and fundraising skills she learned in 20+ years working in the Jewish community into a career serving people looking to grow in all facets of life. 

Meghann loves road-trips and traveling the world with her family. When they aren’t traveling, Meghann and her husband live in South Florida with their six children.

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