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Gallery and Testimonials

"Our hearts are filled with gratitude. Our minds are relaxed.

Our bodies are refreshed. Our souls are invigorated"

- May 2023 group

"I just loved how there was a perfect balance between activities
and just enjoying the scenery."
Miriam, Toronto

"This trip exceeded my expectations!
Sury, Boro Park

"I loved the amazing views and the wonderful women on this trip."
Jayne, Detroit

"The most amazing experience of my life! Looking forward to joining again."
Leah, Monroe

"This trip was the perfect blend of nature, relaxation and hiking. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Thank you Chaya and Meghann for making affordable trips available for non-wealthy women who also deserve a break."
Chaya, Monsey

"I was walking with a woman in Bryce Canyon and we had a very personal conversation. This is what I enjoy: walking in beautiful nature and being able to connect with someone on a personal level."
Susan, Philadelphia

"This trip is epic! Made for fun-loving individuals who want to explore new places, meet diff people and are easygoing and spirited. Plenty of action so make sure you are fit for it. So fun! Was everything and more than expected"
Bayla, Brooklyn

"A memorable moment for me was watching so many of us overcome our fears as we got ready to go rappelling."

Leah, Detroit
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