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Things to know before you book


Yifei Nof Tours is an active program, and requires a baseline level of physical fitness

While none of our planned hikes are in the strenuous category, some may be considered moderate and you should be able to walk/hike for more than 2 hours at a time, and be comfortable with unpaved trails and elevation. 

If you prefer to skip any of our activities, you are welcome to stay at our home base and relax, or sit back and enjoy the scenery of the national parks.

Group discounts are

Coming with a friend or two? Take $50 off each.

Email to find out how to apply discounts to your trip.

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Yifei Nof Tours is
run by frum women
for frum women

All prepared food provided by Yifei Nof Tours is under the Vaad HaKashrus of Las Vegas.  Dairy products are Chalav Yisrael and all meat products are Glatt. 


We ask that you abide by generally accepted standards of dress and kashrus while touring with Yifei Nof.

Yifei Nof Tours is an adventure trip

Our goal is to offer opportunities for travel, exploration and adventure for frum women, in a manner and at a price that is attainable. 

Our homes are comfortable, spacious and clean, yet we do not aim for 5-star luxury.

Our food is wholesome, delicious and plentiful, yet we do not offer high-end gourmet cuisine (see menu page for sample menus from previous trips).

If you are looking for a luxurious 5-star vacation, Yifei Nof Tours may not be the best option for you.

If you are seeking an exciting and refreshing trip to marvel at niflaos Haborei together with like-minded women, and to enjoy activities that exhilarate, then Yifei Nof Tours is your address!

Our schedule is packed and we spend much of the day hiking, traveling and adventuring, however there is ample opportunity during travel time to catch up with family and work.


Yifei Nof Tours are nonrefundable - but are not lost

We recognize that frum women lead very busy lives, and that circumstances can change with little advance notice. We are therefore glad to offer that if you need to cancel your trip - as long as it is greater than 1 month prior to the start date - we will hold on to your paid funds and you can apply it towards a future Yifei Nof tour (within 2 years).  If you need to cancel less than 2 weeks to the start date, half your funds will remain for future use towards a Yifei Nof trip.

Book by placing a $500 deposit for your trip. The remaining balance will be paid 1 month prior to the trip.

In the case of extenuating circumstances, please reach out to us to determine whether a partial refund can be provided.

The world is larger than you think...

So that we can visit the many beautiful locations on our itinerary, there are times when we will have longer drives. The scenery outside your windows will be spectacular, and you will have wonderful and engaging frum women sitting near you with whom to shmooze. If you prefer, you can bring a book, or a laptop to do some work. But please do be prepared for some driving... the sheer scope of the Western US is huge!


Love our tours, and wish you could share the experience with your family?

...  but don't know where to start?

Yifei Nof Tours can help plan your frum family adventure trip with  lodging, kosher food, transportation and activities.

Contact us for details.

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